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Our company locates in Baoji State Grade High New Technology Developing Zone was founded in 1994 Activities such as scientific research manufacture management engineering design installing and debugging and the relative service are integrated into one enterprise Specialize in manufacture of diffusion silicon pressure sensor differential pressure absolute pressure liquid pressure temperature transducers and transmitters and the relative smart numeral display controllers Our HT series sensors with isolated diaphragm are produced by advanced technology so they have features of high accuracy good long term stability and long

Categories and Products

Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter

Diffuse-silicon Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter

High temperature sanitary flange pressure transmitter High temperature sanitary pressure transmitter Food Industry Flat Membrane pressure sensor mv high tempreture flush diaphragm pressure sensor 4-20mA flush diaphragm pressure gauge Flush diaphram pressure conductor high temperature 50.4 flush pressure transmitter Flush diaphram pressure transmitter 50.4 flush diaphragm 4-20mA /0-10V pressure transmitter flush diaphragm pressure transmitter Flange flat film pressure transmitter 2088 Housing Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter 4-20mA flush diaphragm pressure transmitter/transducer High Temperature Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter 4-20mA flush diaphragm pressure transmitter Wide measurement range Pressure transmitter High Temperature Flush Pressure Sensor Diffuse-silicon Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter For Gas 

Intelligent Diffuse-silicon Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter

Intelligent diffusion silicon flush pressure transmitter 

Digital Pressure Switch/Controller

Diffuse-silicon Digital Pressure Controller

4-20mA high tempreture pressure gauge/ controller High quality LED pressure control High quality differential pressure controler 4-20mA digital differential pressure gauge/controller 4-20mA 1-2way pressure controller/ pressure gauge High Quality digital pressure controller 4-20mA high and low pressure alarm pressure gauge High quality LED pressure controller High quality pressure controller Hot sale 4~20mA digital pressure controller& retransmit 150mm profile pressure controller Supply Digital Display Pressure Controllers BPZK01 outomatic pressure control water pump Lcd Digital Pressure Controller Digital pressure controller with High light LED display 

Diffuse-silicon Digital Pressure Switch

Pressure change control device High quality electronic switch high quality pressure switch Oil-filled electronic pressure switch High Quality Pressure Switch Factory Sale 

Intelligent Diffuse-silicon Digital Pressure Controller

Intelligent Rs485 Digital Pressure Transmitter Digital Electronic Smart Pump Pressure Controller High light LED display digital pressure controller Two supply power mode digital pressure controller Hart Protocol Intelligent Pressure Transmitter 24VDC or 220VAC supply smart pressure controller 24VDC or 220VAC power supply controller Intelligent Digital Display Pressure Controller 

Digital Pressure Gauge

4-20mA LED digital pressure gauge LCD/LED 4-20mA pressure gauge 4 digital 4-20mA diffused silicon pressure gauge high quality digital pressure gauge high quality differential pressure digital gauge LED display Digital pressure transmitter 4-20mA LED digital pressure transducer 4-20mA LED/LCD pressure transmitter differential digital pressure gauge liquid digital pressure gauge Wireless Digital Pressure Gauge with battery supply Lcd Display waterproof Battery Digital Pressure Gauge 

Liquid Level Transmitter

Silicon Oil-filled Liquid Level Transmitter

high quality normal liquid level transmitter high temperature liquid level transmitter IP67 4-20mA level transmitter/sensor 0-10V/4-20mA liquid level transmitter Armoured liquid level transmitter 4-20mA level pressure transmitter with flange LCD/LED IP68 4-20mA level transmitter level gauge Diffused silicon level controller Oil-filled level Pressure Transmitter with Flange 0.5 to 4.5VDC liquid level transmitter Submersible 4-20mA Pressure level transmitter BH93420-I 4-20mA Diesel level transmitter Clamp type flange interface Pressure transmitter Cast aluminium explosion-proof housing Pressure Transmitter Good Quality 316 Submersible Oil Liquid Level Transmitter 

Intelligent Submersible Transmitter

RS485 4-20mA led oil level transmitter High Quality Intelligent 4-20mA Level Pressure Transmitter HART High quality intelligent liquid level transmitter RS485 Digital level sensor oil-resisitant Intelligent liquid level transmitter 4-20mA intelligent liquid level transmitter Intelligent Liquid Pressure Level Transmitter 15-30VDC supply aluminium casting submersible transmitter 

High-temperature Pressure Transmitter

high temperature pressure controller Heat dissipation type pressure transmitter Heat pipe pressure transmitter High quality high temperature transmitter 4-20mA high temperature pressure transmitter high temperature diffuse silicon pressure sensor 50.4mm high temperature diffuse silicon Transmitter Stainless steel high temperature pressure transmitter 

Intelligent High Tempreature Pressure Transmitter

BP93420IC high temperature pressure transmitter 

Differential Pressure Transmitter

micro-differential pressure sensor/ Transmitter 4-20mA 0-5V 0.5-4.5V differential pressure transmitter high quality differential pressure transmitter Customized differential pressure sensor Differential Pressure Transmitter for Dry Air LED 4-20mA differential pressure transmitter liquid level differential pressure transmitter digital differential pressure controller Differential pressure transmitter/transducer/sensor 4-20ma Aluminum shell differential pressure transmitter oil filled Differential pressure product High quality intelligent differential pressure transmitter Low Cost Air Differential Pressure Transmitter 15-36VDC supply differential pressure transmitter wind mini differential pressure sensor mini wind differential pressure transmitter 

Piezoresistive Silicon Pressure Sensor

Constant Voltage Piezoresistive Silicon Pressure Sensor

0-5V 0-10V 17mm silicon pressure sensor 1.5mA/10VDC 1/8NPT Customized Presssure Sensor 14mm diffusion silicon pressure sensor price 1/4NPT Constant pressure sensor 10VDC Diffuse Silicon Pressure Sensor Advanced Technology Water Pump Pressure Transducer 10VDC High Quality Economical Pressure Transducer Industrial Silicon Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Constant Voltage Piezoresistive differential Pressure Sensor Diffuse-silicon Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor High-quality Constant Pressure Sensor HT14V diffuse silicon sensor 19mm Constant Voltage pressure sensor mini 10v pressure sensor HT26V Piezoresistive Silicon Pressure Sensor 10VDC Constant Voltage Silicon Pressure Sensor 

Constant Current Piezoresistive Silicon Pressure Sensor

19mm constant current silicon pressure sensor 1.5mA Pressure sensor / transmitter 1.5mA Threaded interface pressure sensor 1.5mA flush diaphram diffsued silicon pressure sensor small Dry Air silicon pressure sensor 19mm High Quality Pressure Sensor oil-filled silicon pressure sensor 1.5mA differential pressure sensor 1.5mA/ 10VDC pressure sensor Piezoresistive Diffusion Silicon Pressure Sensor high quality liquid level sensor 1.5mA Flush diffsion sillicon pressure sensor Piezoresistive Silicon Pressure Sensor 19mm High Quality Oil-filled Pressure Sensor 1.5mADC Supply Piezoresistive Silicon Pressure Sensor 1.5mA High Pressure Sensor High Quality Stainless Steel Pressure Transducer Diaphragm Constant current Pressure Transducer Sanitary Medical Flat Membrane Pressure Sensor 19mm Oem High Precision Piezo Silicon Pressure Sensor 

Pressure Transmitter

Ceramic Pressure Transmitter

4-20mA small ceramic pressure transmitter 0-10V/4-20mA mini pressure transmitter mini High quality pressure sensor High performance pressure transmitter ±0.25% accuracy BP15 series pressure transmitter BP158 Mini Ceramic Pressure Transmitter for air compressor 

Mini Silicon-diffused Pressure Transmitters

High Quality mini Pressure Transmitter 4-20mA /0.5-4.5V IP67 small pressure transmitter 0.5-4.5V/4-20mA IP67 input mini pressure transmitter 4-20mA/ 0-5V/ 0.5-4.5V small pressure transmitter pressure transmitter with Male female connector 4-20mA small pressure transmitter 5VDC Mini Silicon-Diffused Pressure Transmitters BP93420IB High Quality 4-20ma Pressure Transmitter Mini IP67 5vdc output car connector pressure transmitter stainless steel piezoresistive silicon oil-filled Pressure Transmitter BP15 series small size industrial pressure transmitter 

Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter

transmitter for water supply and fire fighting high quality piezoresistive pressure transmitter pressure transmitter with 2288 incrustation diffusion sillicin Pressure transmitter HSM/p-p high quality pressure trasmitter High quality analog signal pressure sensor Diffusion Silicon Pressure Transmitter GAS/Oil Equipment test transmitter 50.4mm Electronics oil-filled pressure Transmitter oil-filled piezoresistive pressure transmitter liquid level transmitter with thread install 4-20mA Current output Pressure Transmitter Low Cost 4-20ma/0-10v/0-5v Pressure Transmitter Electronic Pressure Transmitter 4 To 20ma BP93420-IN 0-5VDC High Quality Pressure Transmitter Analog output pressure transmitter Diaphragm oil-filled pressure transmitter High temperature 50.4mm silicon pressure sensor 1.5-inch clamp flat film pressure transmitter 50.4mm flush Diaphragm oil-filled pressure Transmitter 

Intelligent Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter

Wireless Digital Pressure Gauge Hart Digital pressure sensor intelligent diffusion silicon pressure trasmitter RS485 LED display Intelligent pressure transmitter Piezoresistive silicon oil-filled Pressure transmitter 

Display Instrument

high quality display instrument LED Display matching instrument LED Control display instrument Lcd Display 4-20ma Smart Pressure Transmitter 

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